Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Graphic Audio - New Release!

Falcon MacCallister never thought he’d wear army brass. But Colorado is about to join the Union-and the would-be state has just made him Lt. Colonel in its Home Guard. Then, before his military career can tak-e off, Falcon loses one of his men and two deadly new Gatling guns to a murderous ambush. Falcon is going to get those Gatling guns back--before they kill the wrong people.

Tracing the missing guns to Eastern Montana, Falcon teams up with a scout named Isaiah Dorman. Falcon and Dorman are spearheading a battle against the Sioux--in the shadow of the disastrous Little Big Horn slaughter. For the two men, survival along the Little Bighorn is going to mean breaking rules, standing strong, standing together--and holding off a deadly onslaught with only a few guns against many...

Now available HERE at GraphicAudio.

1 comment:

  1. I read the most recent Eagles book, hopefully there will be more.

    I started the Ashes series a couples of months ago. I'm half way through #11 now.

    This series leave you no peace. The action is equal to a runaway train tailgaiting a bullet train downhill and around a curve.

    I fully appreciate and agree with Mr. Johnstone's philosophy and political outlook.