Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Book Giveaway!! Blood Bond: Moonshine Massacre

To celebrate the arrival of the latest installment of the Matt Bodine and Sam Two Wolves story, we'll be giving away FIVE free copies of the book to the first five commenters on this entry! So don't wait, comment now and get your free copy of Blood Bond: Moonshine Massacre!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Last Gunfighter: Winter Kill

The twenty first book in the Last Gunfighter series is now available!

The Last Gunfighter: Winter Kill

"It was a favour to a dead friend: Frank Morgan is shepherding a group of mail-order brides to a brawling Alaska boomtown called Skagway. A bushwhacking, a storm-racked sea voyage, and an anything-but-friendly reception isn't enough to stop Morgan and his blushing brides. But a beautiful woman has a lucrative plot on her mind - in the wild, wild north where men are mad with greed and loneliness. Now the last gunfighter will need skills he didn't know he had - plus a few he knows he does. Because this Alaska winter has turned into a death trap. And only the brave, the fierce and the lucky will be alive to see the winter thaw..."