Friday, February 12, 2010

Snake River Slaughter at #71 on USA Today Best seller list!

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Thanks to all of our fantastic readers for making this month's release so successful!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Savagery of The Mountain Man Ebook @ Diesel

Savagery of The Mountain Man ebook download William W. Johnstone:

"Savagery of The Mountain Man

Where There's Fire. . . There's Smoke. . ..

Santa Clara, Colorado, is 24 hours by train from the land where Smoke Jensen found peace and prosperity on his Sugarloaf Ranch. But somehow, Smoke can't stay away from Santa Clara--and from an evil cattle baron hiding a murderous past.

And Where There's Smoke--There's Justice. . .

For Smoke, it starts at a high-class auction for a pureblood Hereford bull. Smoke wins the bidding--and earns the hatred of Pogue Quentin, Santa Clara's leading citizen and a man living on bloodshed and lies. Then Smoke's friend Pearlie drifts to Santa Clara. And when Pearlie runs afoul of Quentin, all hell will break loose. Now Smoke Jensen is heading to Santa Clara to face a man who already wants him dead--but Pogue Quentin never met anything like the fire of a mountain man. . ."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Now Available on GraphicAudio

"The Mountain Man 12 - Fury of the Mountain Man

Smoke Jensen was the last Mountain Man and the fastest gun in the west. But this time, Smoke is going to put his reputation to the test in the southern reaches of Mexico. When two Mexican Gunfighters, and old friends of Smoke Jensen, send a letter asking Smoke for help, he can't possibly say no. He quickly straps on his hog legs and heads down into the middle of a war. A crazy Mexican Bandito, that fancies himself the resurrection of Montezuma, has formed a vast and unstoppable army, and he marches across the land. Anywhere he goes, death and pestilence follow. It will be up to Smoke and his two Gunfighter friends to try and stop the evil that has spread across the land. But even Smoke Jensen will be put to the test when he goes up against the legendary Jaguar warriors of times long since past."

Available at GraphicAudio.Net

Now Available on Graphic Audio!

"The First Mountain Man 16 - Preacher's Fire

A big city like St Louis is the last place where a mountain man like Preacher would pick a fight. But how else will he get at the ruthless power broker who is using fear and bloodshed to take over the Western fur trade? Shaving his beard and posing as a farmer from Ohio, Preacher comes face-to-face with Shad Beaumont, and insinuates himself into his organization--as Beaumont's own personal bodyguard. But before Preacher can take down the sadistic leader, innocents--and not-so-innocents--are drawn into Beaumont's intricate web, and Preacher finds the stakes of the game have become alarmingly high."

Available at GraphicAudio.Net